Dominator DSA Complete Scooter Airborne

Dominator DSA Airborne Complete Scooter
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  • Manufacturer: DSA
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The Dominator Airborne Scooter is a great starter scooter with an HIC compression system that makes it easy to tighten and maintain for longer lifespan. HIC also makes it easier to make bar spins and other tricks. The Airborne Complete comes with aluminum core wheels built for tricks and jumps, a triple clamp, and a one piece bar for a longer lifespan.   Dominator is made by District.

Dominator Airborne Features

·          Deck: Angled Side Profile, Concave, Front Welded Length 500mm/19.7", Width 110mm/4.3"

·         Square Down Tube, angle 82.5 degrees

·         Bars: Carbon Steel Height 550mm/21.7", Width 550mm/21.7"

·         Compression: HIC

·         Clamp: Triple Clamp with 8mm bolts

·         Fork: Steel Fork Non-Threaded

·         Basic Headset

·         Brake: Flex Brake

·         Wheels: 110mm, Alloy cores, 6-spoke, PU printed, Dominator Scooter Rated Bearings

·         Printed griptape

·         Instruction Manual, Allen Tool, Sticker Sheet with DIY Section

·         Weight 8 Lbs.

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